Sheikh Hamdullah

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Sheikh Hamdullah
Shaykh Hamdullah - Naskh.jpg
Stills for a Qur'an copy in Naskh style script, by Şeyh Hamdullah
Born Hamdullah
Amasya, Ottoman Empire
Died 1520 (aged 83–84)
Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Known for Islamic calligraphy

Sheikh Hamdullah (1436–1520) (Turkish: Şeyh Hamdullah), born in Amasya, Ottoman Empire, was a master of Islamic calligraphy. He devoted his whole life to the art of calligraphy, producing forty-seven Mus'hafs, book of Quran, and innumerable En'ams, Evrads and Juz'.

He was buried at Karacaahmet Cemetery in the district of Üsküdar at Istanbul.

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