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The average monthly discharge of the Ščavnica at Pristava (1971–2000)

The Ščavnica (pronounced [ˈʃtʃaːu̯nitsa]; German: Stainz) is a 56 km river in Styria, Slovenia.[1] It sources near Zgornja Velka and flows along the Slovene Hills towards the southeast. It passes Negova Castle and Sveti Jurij ob Ščavnici, traverses Lake Gajševci (Slovene: Gajševsko jezero) and the town of Ljutomer, and finally joins the Mur from the right in Razkrižje.

The Ščavnica is one of the most heavily polluted rivers in Slovenia.[citation needed]


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Coordinates: 46°31′N 16°12′E / 46.517°N 16.200°E / 46.517; 16.200