Šamorin Roman Catholic Church

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Šamorin Roman Catholic Church
Somorjai Romai Katolikus templom
Samorin Roman Catholic Church.jpg
A Roman Catholic church in Šamorín
Country Slovakia
Region Trnava
District Dunajská Streda
Municipality Šamorín
Elevation 130 m (427 ft)
Coordinates 48°01′42″N 17°18′27″E / 48.02833°N 17.30750°E / 48.02833; 17.30750Coordinates: 48°01′42″N 17°18′27″E / 48.02833°N 17.30750°E / 48.02833; 17.30750
Founded 1778
Location of Šamorín in Slovakia
Location of Šamorín in Slovakia
Location of Šamorín in the Trnava Region
Location of Šamorín in the Trnava Region
Wikimedia Commons: Šamorín
Statistics: MOŠ/MIS
Website: http://www.samorin.sk

The Roman Catholic Church is the most important church in Šamorín.


The church is located in the middle of town near all significant buildings.


Roman - Catholic Church with Paulin's monastery was built in late-baroque style in 1778 by J. G. Altenburg. This church has got a single-nave hall with segmented breech of presbyter and barrel-vault with groins. Facade of the church is divided by pilasters. The portal with profiled chambranle has got thin pilasters with a volute on a sett. This sett is based on these pilasters and it is also finished by cut profiled cornice with a cross. The tower built into the pinnacle facade is hidden by a ball-shaped polygonal lantern. In the inside of the church are fresco paintings by Fr. Sigrist (1778). The interior is designed in late-baroque style and the interspace is solved in a particular way of uniformity. In the western side breech of sacrarium is stucco relief of Godfather.

The members of strictly catholic Palffy family, landlords of the town, were convinced to turn local Calvinists to the Catholic Church. The count in 1652 notified the city council, that he is about to build a monastery and that he would like to base the members of the friary of Saint Francis on his property in this area. The king Carl III. on 21 August 1720 accepted activities of Saint Francis' friary in Hungary, so it means the same for the Samorin town. Later on, these monks built, in 1778, their own monastery and church, which was the only church belonging to the Saint Frances' (Paulin's) friary in the Hungarian empire. In the school, which was based in the building of the monastery, German language was used for teaching in the second half of the 18th century.


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