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Šancová ulica

Šancová Street (Slovak: Šancová ulica) is a major street in Bratislava's Old Town, extending from the intersection of Štefánikova ulica and Pražská ulica to Trnavské mýto. It is a significant transport artery, and site of frequent traffic congestion.

Origin of the name[edit]

The street is named for the ramparts (Slovak: šance, German: Schanze), Hungarian: sánc), which were previously located here, forming part of the customs border for the city.[1] These were finally removed in 1903.[2]

Through history, the route has borne several different names:[3]

YMCA Theater

Significant buildings[edit]

The YMCA building (formerly YMCA theater and sometimes Dukla), dating to 1921,[4] can be found here. Nearby stands a building that has been under construction for some years, which was to be 34 floors high upon completion. As of April 2007, only 8 above-ground levels have been completed, and it remains today in this unfinished state.

Nearby streets[edit]


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