Šatorsko Lake

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Šatorsko Lake
Satorsko jezero z jihu, vzadu pohori Klekovaca (1961 m).jpg
Location Dinaric Alps
Coordinates 44°9′54.54″N 16°36′5.54″E / 44.1651500°N 16.6015389°E / 44.1651500; 16.6015389Coordinates: 44°9′54.54″N 16°36′5.54″E / 44.1651500°N 16.6015389°E / 44.1651500; 16.6015389
Basin countries Bosnia and Herzegovina
Max. length 0.25 km (0.16 mi)
Max. width 0.125 km (0.078 mi)
Max. depth 6 m (20 ft)
Surface elevation 1,488 m (4,882 ft)

Šatorsko Lake or Šatorsko Jezero is a lake in the western regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina at 1488 m a.s.l. below Šator mountain (1872 m) in the Dinaric Alps.

The lake has a glacial origin and is 250 metres long and 120 metres wide, with the deepest point being 6 metres. The summer temperature is 17 °C while the source on the shore, which feeds it, is 6 °C. A few hundred metres to the north is the Bulino Vrelo spring, which is believed by the local population to have healing powers.

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