Šaunštejn Castle

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Šaunštejn Castle
Vysoká Lípa
Schauenstein rock castle
Šaunštejn Castle is located in Czech Republic
Šaunštejn Castle
Coordinates 50°52′10.01″N 14°21′12.32″E / 50.8694472°N 14.3534222°E / 50.8694472; 14.3534222Coordinates: 50°52′10.01″N 14°21′12.32″E / 50.8694472°N 14.3534222°E / 50.8694472; 14.3534222
Code CZ
Site information
Condition ruin
Site history
Built 14th century

Šaunštejn Castle (German: Schauenstein, also Hohenleipaer Raubschloss) is a rock castle near Vysoká Lípa (Hohenleipa) in the Bohemian Switzerland in the Czech Republic. Today only a few ruins remain of the original castle. Preserved are the foundations of the wooden superstructure, several rooms that were chiselled-out of the rock and the cistern.


The castle was built by the Berka z Dubé family from Lípa in the 14th century to protect the Old Bohemian Road (Alte Böhmerstraße), the trade route from Bohemia to Lusatia. From 1435 it belonged to the Wartenbergs who used it as a base for raids. In the 15th century it was besieged several times by the Wettins und the Lusatian League and finally destroyed.


In clear weather the view extends from the Kaltenberg, the Lausche, the Rosenberg, over the Hoher Schneeberg to the Ore Mountains.

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