Šavnik Municipality

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Šavnik Municipality

Opština Šavnik
Coat of arms of Šavnik Municipality
Coat of arms
Šavnik Municipality in Montenegro
Šavnik Municipality in Montenegro
Coordinates: 42°57′27″N 19°05′40″E / 42.9576°N 19.0944°E / 42.9576; 19.0944Coordinates: 42°57′27″N 19°05′40″E / 42.9576°N 19.0944°E / 42.9576; 19.0944
Area code(s)+382 40

Šavnik Municipality is one of the municipalities of Montenegro. The center is Šavnik.


Šavnik is administrative centre of Šavnik municipality, which has 2,947 residents. The town of Šavnik itself has a population of 570. Religious buildings include Podmalinsko Monastery of Serbian Orthodox Church which is believed to be built by Stephen Uroš I of Serbia around 1252.

Šavnik municipality has the smallest population of all municipalities of Montenegro. The town of Šavnik is also the capital of municipality in Montenegro with fewest residents.

Population of Šavnik:

  • March 3, 1981 - 633
  • March 3, 1991 - 821
  • November 1, 2003 - 570

Ethnic groups (official numbers of 2003 census):

Population of Municipality Šavnik (2003 census):