Šeki Turković

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Šeki Turković - Шеки Турковић
Birth name Šućro Turković - Шућро Турковић
Genres Pop-folk (Folk)
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1980–present

Šućro "Šeki" Turković (Serbian Cyrillic: Шућро "Шеки" ТУрковић; born 27 November 1953) is a Serbian turbo-folk singer, popular in the former Yugoslavia. He was born in Sjenica in south western Serbia, known as the Sandžak region.[1] Šeki's real name is "Šućro";[2] he uses "Šeki" for ease of pronouciation and practicality. Šeki and his family moved to Novi Pazar in 1973, but later on in 1976, Šeki and his cousin Munid moved to Belgrade. A short time after Šeki moved to Belgrade, he and his cousin went around to bars ands clubs and started to sing. The manager at one of the clubs heard him sing and asked him "Where do you sing?" "No where!" replied Šeki. The manager soon after offered Šeki an audition and a chance to sing, which turned out to be his life career.[3] Šeki served his mandatory Yugoslav People's Army military service, first in Varaždin, then later on in Podravska Slatina, Croatia. Turković is a turbo-folk singer in Serbia, but he is very popular in Bosnia-Hercegovina and in Croatia. He has been singing since the 1980s.[1] His hits include: "Spomenar", "Poslednji Boem", "Ljubav je tvoje ime" and many more, and he has done many songs with Buca Jovanović. Šeki currently lives in a Belgrade apartment with his wife Emina. Šeki is the father of his daughter, Alma, who recently had a son named Admin.


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