Škoda Felicia (1959–64)

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For the Škoda Felicia of 1994 to 2001, see Škoda Felicia.
Škoda Felicia (1959-1964)
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Škoda Felicia (1959-1964)
Manufacturer AZNP
Production 1959 to 1964
Body and chassis
Body style 2-door convertible
Layout FR layout
Related Škoda Octavia (1959-1971)
Engine 1.1 L I4
1.2 L I4
Predecessor Škoda 450
Successor Nil

The Škoda Felicia is an automobile which was produced by AZNP from 1959 to 1964.[1]

The Felicia was introduced in 1959 as a 2-door convertible, replacing the Škoda 450. Able to seat five persons, it was equipped with a folding hood and a plastic hardtop.[2] Styling is similar to that of the contemporary Škoda Octavia. The Felicia was offered only with a 1089 cc four-cylinder engine however a Felicia Super model was introduced in 1961 powered by a larger 1221 cc four.[3] A total of 14,863 Felicias were produced.[1]

The Felicia name was resurrected by Škoda in 1994 for a new model Škoda Felicia.

Škoda Felicia (1959-1964) with hardtop