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Štěrboholy on a map of Prague

The Czech village of Štěrboholy was founded in 1371,[1] and became part of Prague in 1968.[2] Now it is its own cadastral area, part of the administrative district Prague 15.

Its area is 2.97 km2, its population is 2,172 and its population density is 731 inhabitants / km2.

Šterboholy became known during the Seven Years' War on 6 May 1757. That day was the Battle of Prague, where Frederick II the Great defeated the Austrian troops of Charles Alexander of Lorraine.[3][4]


Municipal office in Štěrboholy
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Coordinates: 50°04′23″N 14°33′11″E / 50.073°N 14.553°E / 50.073; 14.553