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Strand Novi Sad.jpg
Štrand - Beach on the Danube River
Map showing the location of Štrand Штранд
Map showing the location of Štrand Штранд
LocationNovi Sad, Serbia
Coordinates45°14′10″N 19°50′53″E / 45.23611°N 19.84806°E / 45.23611; 19.84806Coordinates: 45°14′10″N 19°50′53″E / 45.23611°N 19.84806°E / 45.23611; 19.84806

Štrand (Serbian Cyrillic: Штранд) is a popular beach on the Danube river in Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia. It is located near the Liberty Bridge, in the city quarter known as Liman.


Štrand was built back in 1911, as a beach for local people; later it was expanded several times.[1] Its name derives from the German word Strand, meaning simply beach (In German, an initial s is usually pronounced as sh when it comes before a consonant, as in the Yiddish-English shtick, thus, the Serbian š correctly bears a diacritic reflecting this). The word for this place became popular in modern times in the population of Novi Sad and used because there is not an originally beach at the sea.

During the summer, Štrand has around 20,000 visitors daily.[1]


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