Šventoji (Baltic)

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This article is about the river on the Latvian/Lithuanian border. For the major tributary of the Neris in Lithuania, see Šventoji (Neris).
Šventoji, Sventāja
Šventoji river in Šventoji settlement
Country Lithuania, Latvia
Basin features
Main source Skuodas district, Lithuania
River mouth Baltic Sea
Basin size 472 km2 (182 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 73 km (45 mi)
  • Average rate:
    5.38 m3/s (190 cu ft/s)

The Šventoji or Latvian Sventāja is a river in the northwest of Lithuania and southwest of Latvia. It begins in Skuodas district and for 30 km flows on the international border between Latvia and Lithuania. The Šventoji flows into the Baltic Sea near Šventoji settlement north of Palanga. Būtingė oil terminal lies near the mouth.

Coordinates: 56°1′42″N 21°4′24″E / 56.02833°N 21.07333°E / 56.02833; 21.07333