Boroșneu Mare

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Boroşneu Mare
Location of Boroşneu Mare
Location of Boroşneu Mare
Coordinates: 45°49′0″N 26°0′0″E / 45.81667°N 26.00000°E / 45.81667; 26.00000Coordinates: 45°49′0″N 26°0′0″E / 45.81667°N 26.00000°E / 45.81667; 26.00000
Country  Romania
County Covasna County
Status Commune
 • Mayor László Bartha (Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania)
Population (2011)
 • Total 3,074
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)

Boroşneu Mare (Romanian: Boroşneu Mare; Hungarian: Nagyborosnyó) is a commune in Covasna County, Romania composed of six villages:

  • Boroşneu Mare
  • Boroşneu Mic / Kisborosnyó
  • Dobolii de Sus / Feldoboly
  • Leţ / Lécfalva
  • Ţufalău / Cófalva
  • Valea Mică / Kispatak


The commune has an absolute Székely Hungarian majority. According to the 2002 Census it had a population of 3,074 of whom 95.48% or 2,935 were Hungarian.


Leţ village, which lies on the Dalnic River, had 650 people in 2002, of whom 557 were Székely. It was settled during the Stone Age. Evidence of multicoloured painting has been found which exhibits strong Bulgarian traits.[1] The village was first mentioned in a document of 1333, when it was destroyed by the Mongols. It is the site of the Diet of Lécfalva (25 October 1600), notable for being the first time the word "Unitarian" was used.[2] In 1960, the local manor was demolished.


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