Military Gendarmerie (Poland)

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Military Gendarmerie
Żandarmeria Wojskowa
Abbreviation ŻW
Żandarmeria wojskowa-symbol.svg
Logo of the Military Gendarmerie
Agency overview
Formed 1990
Preceding agency Internal Military Service
Annual budget zł 228,062,000
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters Warszawa
Sworn members 4500
Agency executive Mirosław Rozmus, Brigadier General
Parent agency Ministerstwo Obrony Narodowej
Stations 45

The Military Gendarmerie (Polish: Żandarmeria Wojskowa, abbreviated ŻW) is a military provost and law enforcement agency created in 1990 in Poland as an independent part of the Polish Armed Forces.


Polish military police traces its history to the communist era Military Internal Service (Polish: Wojskowa Służba Wewnętrzna), World War II-era Service for Protection of the Uprising (Polish: Wojskowa Służba Ochrony Powstania), interwar-era military police in the Second Polish Republic, formations of the January and November Uprising, Duchy of Warsaw and finally, some officials of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, first created in early 17th century.

In December 2011 the Żandarmeria Wojskowa has made application to the European Gendarmerie Force to become a full member state.[1]


The ŻW is organized into:

  • Headquarters
  • 3 special units
  • 10 units
  • 2 departments
  • 45 regional stations
Two military police officers and a four-wheel drive police car from the Żandarmeria Wojskowa.


The current commander is brigadier general Mirosław Rozmus.

  • gen. bryg. (Brigadier General) Jerzy Jarosz (1 IX 1990 – 20 II 1992)
  • Płk dypl. (Certified Officer) Henryk Piątkowski (11 III 1992 – 1 IV 1993)
  • gen. bryg. (Brigadier General) Alfons Kupis (1 IV 1993 – 24 VII 2000)
  • gen. dyw. (Divisional General) Jerzy Słowiński (1 VIII 2000 – 30 VII 2003)
  • gen. dyw. (Divisional General) Bogusław Pacek (31 VII 2003 – 3 X 2006)
  • gen. dyw. (Divisional General) Jan Żukowski (3 X 2006 – 1 I 2008)
  • gen. bryg. (Brigadier General) Marek Witczak (2 I 2008 – 17 XII 2010)
  • gen. bryg. (Brigadier General) Mirosław Rozmus (od 17 XII 2010)

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