Żeniówka massacre

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Village (eradicated)
Żeniówka village location prior to UPA ethnic cleansig (map of the Second Polish Republic from before the Nazi-Soviet invasion in 1939)
Country Poland
VoivodeshipWołyń Voivodeship

Żeniówka, also known as Ziniówka, Ziuniuwka or Ziniejowka, was a Polish settlement in the Wołyń Voivodeship (1921–1939), gmina Warkowicze, Dubno county, on the Ikva River, in Second Polish Republic before the Nazi German and Soviet invasion of Poland in September 1939.[1]

The village (with present location in sovereign Ukraine) was the site of Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) ethnic cleansing operations between 1942 and 1945, and no longer exists.

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Coordinates: 50°30′00″N 25°53′00″E / 50.5000°N 25.8833°E / 50.5000; 25.8833