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ZBG-700 B.jpg
A 700-millilitre (25 imp fl oz; 24 US fl oz) bottle of Żubrówka vodka
TypeFlavored vodka
ManufacturerPolmos Białystok (Poland), Belalco (Belarus), Bulbash (Belarus),[1] Minsk Kristall (Belarus)[2] and others
Country of originPoland
Introduced16th century[citation needed]
Proof (US)80
Websitewww.zubrowka.com Edit this on Wikidata

Żubrówka Bison Grass Vodka (Polish pronunciation: [ʐuˈbrufka] (About this soundlisten); Russian: зубровка, romanizedzubrovka; Belarusian: зуброўка, romanizedzubroŭka) is a flavored Polish vodka liqueur, which contains a bison grass blade (Hierochloe odorata) in every bottle. The Żubrówka brand name is also used on bottles of conventional vodka, labeled as Żubrówka Biała. An easy way to tell the difference is to look for the blade of grass in the bottle. The grass is sourced from the Białowieża Forest, hand-picked and dried under natural conditions.

Żubrówka ranks as the third or fourth best-selling vodka brand in the world (after Smirnoff, Absolut, and occasionally Khortytsa).[3] Żubrówka is available in more than 80 markets worldwide.

The brand is owned by CEDC International, which was acquired by Roust International in 2013.[citation needed]


In Polish, the word turówka is officially used for bison grass, while the name żubrówka has been used in folk terminology and colloquially.[4] The similar words zubroŭka in the Belarusian language and zubrovka in Russian are also the words for bison grass. The name comes from zubr (Polish: żubr, pronounced [ʐubr]), the word for the European bison in many Slavic languages.

Availability in the United States[edit]

Before 2010, Żubrówka was illegal in the United States because the grass it is made from contained coumarin which the FDA classifies as a "substances generally prohibited from direct addition or use as human food." [5][6] Since 2011, the makers of Żubrówka have made a version of the vodka from rye grain which aims to have a flavor similar to the original. [5][7]

The brand[edit]

The brands Zubrovka and Żubrówka are registered by Sojuzplodoimport in Russia and Roust International in Poland.[5][3]

In popular culture[edit]

Methods of Consumption[edit]

Żubrówka Bison Grass Vodka is usually served chilled on its own. An alternative is mixing it with apple juice[9] (a drink known in Polish as tatanka (Lakota for "American bison") or szarlotka (Polish for "apple cake"); known in the UK as a Frisky Bison;[10] and in the US as a Polish Kiss). It is sometimes served over vanilla ice cream,[11] and another common mixer is ginger ale.[11] A "Black Bison" is żubrówka mixed with black currant juice.


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