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Coat of arms of Żychlin
Coat of arms
POL Żychlin, mapa, 2013-05.png
Żychlin is located in Poland
Coordinates: 52°14′43″N 19°37′25″E / 52.24528°N 19.62361°E / 52.24528; 19.62361
Country  Poland
Voivodeship Łódź
County Kutno
Gmina Żychlin
 • Mayor Grzegorz Ambroziak
 • Total 8.69 km2 (3.36 sq mi)
Population (2006)
 • Total 8,880
 • Density 1,000/km2 (2,600/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 99-320
Website http://www.gminazychlin.pl

Żychlin [ˈʐɨxlin] (other rarely used names include Zechlin and Zichlin) is a town in Kutno County, Łódź Voivodeship, Poland, about 50 north of Łódź and 90 kilometres (56 miles) west of Warsaw. It has 9,021 inhabitants (2004).


In the eve of World War II population of Zychlin reached 6000 people: 90% Jews, 5% Poles, and 5% Germans. In 1939 it was annexed by Nazi Germany to Wartheland. In 1942 the Jews of the town were deported to the Warsaw Ghetto and then to death camps.

Hasidism in Zychlin[edit]

The founder of the Żychlin Hasidic dynasty Rabbi Shmuel Abba was born to Reb Zelig on the 19th of Kislev in the city of Luvitch. The first Rebbe of Zychlin, was Rabbi Shmuel Abba who had a small following of Hasidim and lived at his father-in-law's house. When he moved to Zychlin for monetary reasons he acquired a larger following. He was known as a miracle worker. He spent time in jail because his detractors were upset that he practiced practical Kabbalah.

Ninety-five percent of Zychliner Hassidim perished during the Holocaust, the last Rebbes dying at the hands of the Nazis.

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Coordinates: 52°14′43″N 19°37′25″E / 52.24528°N 19.62361°E / 52.24528; 19.62361