ŽRK Budućnost Podgorica

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For the parent multisport club, see SD Budućnost Podgorica.
ŽRK Budućnost Podgorica
ZRK Buducnost logo.png
Full name Ženski Rukometni Klub Budućnost
Short name ŽRK Budućnost
Founded 1949
Arena Morača Sports Center
Capacity 4,570
Head coach Dragan Adžić
League Montenegrin Championship
2014–15 1st
Club colours          
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ŽRK Budućnost is a women's handball team from Podgorica, Montenegro. Among the numerous titles, Budućnost is two-times winner of EHF Women's Champions League

The club was founded on February 13, 1949, and played its first official game in 1950. The first trophy, the Cup of Yugoslavia, was won in 1984. In 1985, ŽRK Budućnost won the Yugoslavian championship, and went on to win their first European title (Cup Winners' Cup) that same year. At the time, the club was pronounced as "the best in the country". As of 1988/1989 season, ŽRK Budućnost dominated the national competition, and was the champion of all the now defunct countries – SFR Yugoslavia, FR Yugoslavia, Serbia & Montenegro. The club continued to dominate the national championship in Montenegro since it gained independence in 2006.
ŽRK Budućnost won the titles of European Champion twice - on seasons 2012 and 2015.

ŽRK Budućnost is strongly supported by Budućnost sports fans, the Varvari.[1]

ŽRK Budućnost is a part of Budućnost Podgorica sports society.

Records of achievements[edit]

Champions League[edit]

  • 1985/86 1/2 FINAL
  • 1995/96 1/8 FINAL
  • 1996/97 1/2 FINAL
  • 1997/98 1/2 FINAL
  • 1998/99 1/2 FINAL
  • 1999/00 1/2 FINAL
  • 2000/01 1/2 FINAL
  • 2001/02 1/2 FINAL
  • 2002/03 1/4 FINAL
  • 2003/04 1/4 FINAL
  • 2004/05 Group Matches
  • 2005/06 Group Matches 3rd – CWC Winner
  • 2006/07 Group Matches
  • 2007/08 Group Matches 3rd – CWC 1/8 FINAL
  • 2008/09 Main Round
  • 2009/10 Group Matches 3rd – CWC Winner
  • 2010/11 1/2 FINAL
  • 2011/12 Winner
  • 2012/13 Main Round
  • 2013/14 Runner-up
  • 2014/15 Winner
  • 2015/16 Final Four - 4th


Current squad[edit]

Squad for the 2016–17 season[2][3]


Transfers for the 2017-18 season

Technical staff[edit]


  • Montenegro Head Coach: Dragan Adžić
  • Montenegro Goalkeeping Coach: Vlatko Đonović
  • Serbia Physiotherapist: Aleksandar Matić
  • Montenegro Sports Director: Bojana Popović
  • Slovenia Conditional Coach: Marko Mrak
  • Montenegro Statistician: Vladimir Kovačević

Notable former players[edit]

Notable former coaches[edit]


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