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ŽRK Zamet
Full nameŽenski rukometni klub Zamet
ArenaCentar Zamet
PresidentLuka Denona
Head coachAdriana Prosenjak
LeagueFirst League
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ŽRK Zamet (Ženski rukometni Klub Zamet) is a women's handball club from Rijeka, Croatia, formed in 1957. The club currently competes in the Croatian First League and the Croatian Handball Cup.[1]


The club was founded in September 1957 as RK Partizan Zamet by Prof. Stanko Jerger, Josip Šarić and Vittorio Drog. On the initiative of Stanko Jerger, the women's team was made later. Until January 1985, the club was combined with RK Zamet.[2]

In 1962, the players of Partizan Zamet went to the quarter finals of the Yugoslav Cup where they lost 6:5 to Zagreb. The next year, they finished second in the Croatian championship and failed to qualify for the First League, being one point behind Partizan Bjelovar. They failed to qualify for the next three seasons. From 1971 to 1974, the club played in the Yugoslav First League. After 1974, the club played in the second tier of the Yugoslav Women's Handball Championship until the collapse of the Yugoslav league.

In the first season of the Croatian league, Zamet played in the 1.B HRL, won the league, and got promoted to the 1.A HRL the same season. In their first season in the 1.A HRL, the club finished in second place and qualified for the EHF City Cup, which was their first appearance in a European competition. The club was then led by Slavko Bralić.

From 2002 to 2004, the club was called Croatia Osiguranje Zamet due to sponsorship.


Since the foundation of the club, matches were played on the playground Zamet when field handball was played.

As of 2009, the club has been playing in Centar Zamet. The capacity of the venue is 2,350 spectators.


Since the beginning of Croatian handball in 1992, Zamet has competed at the highest level.

Season Tier Division Pos.
1991-92 2 First B League 1st
1992-93 1 First A League 2nd
1993-94 1 First A League 3rd
1994-95 1 First A League 7th
1995-96 1 First A League 12th
1996-97 2 First B League 1st
1997-98 1 First A League 7th
1998-99 1 First A League 5th
1999-00 1 First A League 9th
2000-01 1 First A League 7th
2001-02 1 First League 8th
2002-03 1 First League 8th
2003-04 1 First League 8th
2004-05 1 First League 6th
Season Tier Division Pos.
2005-06 1 First League 5th
2006-07 1 First League 10th
2007-08 1 First League 8th
2008-09 1 First League 7th
2009-10 1 First League 5th
2010-11 1 First League 5th
2011-12 1 First League 7th
2012-13 1 First League 7th
2013-14 1 First League 6th
2014-15 1 First League 2nd
2015-16 1 First League 4th
2016-17 1 First League 4th


Current squad[edit]

Squad for the 2016-17 season

Technical staff[edit]

Source: zamet.hrSource: rukometstat.hr

Notable former players[edit]



  • 1957–1968 - Vittorio Drog☨ Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
  • 1968–1977 - Stanko Jerger Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
  • 1977–1979 - Ivan Brnabić Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
  • 1979–1980 - Fedor Pirović Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
  • 1980–1983 - Drago Crnčević Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
  • 1983–1985 - Petar Čarić Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
  • 1985–1991 - Ranko Dujmović Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
  • 1991-1994 - Srđan Čevizović Slovenia
  • 1994-1999 - Ranko Dujmović Croatia
  • 1999–present - Luka Denona Croatia




European record[edit]

Season Competition Round Date of game Club First game Combined score Second game Club Date of game
1993-1994 EHF City Cup R of 16 30 October 1993 Belgium Fémina Visé 25-17 28-20 11 - 18 Croatia Zamet 31 October 1993
1993-1994 EHF City Cup Quarterfinals 22 January 1994 Hungary Szegedi ESK 24-20 42-42 22 - 18 Croatia Zamet 29 January 1994
2015-16 EHF Cup R 2 24 October 2015 Luxembourg HB Dudelange 16-39 34-74 18 - 35 Croatia Zamet 25 October 2015
2015-16 EHF Cup R 3 21 November 2015 Denmark Odense Håndbold 58-44 34-74 30 - 21 Croatia Zamet 22 November 2015


EHF club coefficient ranking[edit]

(As of 2 February 2017), source: Eurotopteams website

Rank Team Points
131 Bosnia and Herzegovina HŽRK Zrinjski Mostar 62
132 Montenegro WHC Danilovgrad 60
133 Croatia ŽRK ZAMET 59
134 Israel HC Holon 57
141 Ukraine Dnipryanka Kherson 57

Sister clubs[edit]


  • Petar Orgulić - 50 godina rukometa u Rijeci (2005), Adria public


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