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Origin Budapest, Hungary
Genres Electronic, indie
Years active 2001–present
Labels Mole Listening Pearls
Website www.zagarmusic.com
Members Balázs Zságer
DJ Bootsie
Tibor Lázár
Ákos Zságer-Varga
György Ligeti

Žagar (or Zagar) is a headliner group of the Hungarian indie and electronic music scene. Their sound is based on contemporary electronic music, jazz and indie rock adding with experimental scratches by DJ Bootsie. The results are heavy beats, atmospheric mood and sound clips from the psychedelic era of the late 1960s. Andor Kovács and the leader of the band Balázs Zságer were the co-writers of the Yonderboi album Shallow and Profound.


Local Broadcast[edit]

Their debut album, the Local Broadcast (UCMG/Ugar 2002) was selected for the chart of the 50 all time most important Hungarian records by the music magazine WAN2. They made many soundtracks for short and feature films; the most important of them is Eastern Sugar (Fillcell/Universal 2004) that was the best soundtrack in 2005 in Hungary. Their music has been used in the US television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and its spin-off CSI: NY.[1] The band released their second studio album, Cannot Walk Fly Instead (CLS Records), in September 2007 and 2009 worldwide on the German label, Mole Listening Pearls.

Their masterfully crafted albums combine powerful hit-driven tracks with cinematic moods, which blow up when performed live. No wonder they’re sought after performers on festivals and clubs all around Europe. The band has been performing since 2001. Apart from Hungary they have already played in UK, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Italy, Greece, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Russia. They supported Depeche Mode at the Budapest leg of the Tour of the Universe 2009. Its first single Wings of Love, featuring the Underground Divas - six of Hungary's most popular independent singers - earned heavy radio airplay and secured a no1. spot on MTV's video chart. They have earned numerous awards for this record, most notably the Hungarian Record Industry’s Fonogram Award and prize in the International Songwriting Competition. They were nominated for the Regional Award in the MTV European Music Awards 2008 and 2009 also. Their tracks were remixed by Terry Lee Brown, Jr., Moonbotica, Eriq Johnson or Cottonmouth among many others.

The band is releasing their next LP worldwide in 2013 February. The first brand new single is coming out in 2012 November.


„Genius electronic band from Eastern Europe. Zsager is a cool guy, but on the stage he becomes fucking nuts!“ Alan McGee (Creation Records / Poptones UK)

"Wings of Love is a lovely track, really like it!" Laurent Garnier

"Zagar is a great band, Wings of Love is an awesome track!" Pedro Winter aka Busy P (Ed Banger)

“Really like the freshness of their tracks. One of the regular plays on my iPod. Clever innovative pop...me likey!” Daz-I-Kue (Bugz in the Attic/ The Goodness, US)

“A breath of fresh air coming from East Side” ED2000 (Bln.fm Berlin)

„At the moment they are the coolest band in Budapest - whatever that is supposed to mean.“ HVG (the biggest Hungarian Culture magazine)


Žagar discography
Studio albums 4
Live albums 0
EPs 0
Singles 6
B-sides 0
Soundtrack albums 1
Tribute albums 0

Studio albums[edit]

  • Local Broadcast (2002)
  • Eastern Sugar (Soundtrack) (2004)
  • Cannot Walk Fly Instead (2007)
  • Light Leaks (2013)


  • Wings of Love (2009)
  • Learn to Fall (2010)
  • Space Medusa (2012)


  • Bosssa Astoria/Revolution Remixes (2003)
  • Wings of Love Remixes (2009)
  • Cannot Walk Fly Instead extended version (w. Wings of Love Remixes) (2009)
  • Prophet is a Fool Remixes (2011)
  • Never the Same Remixes (2012)

Music videos[edit]

Year Title Director
2002 Cosmic Disaster Fillcell
2003 Bossa Astoria Fabricius
2004 Eastern Sugar Daniel Garas
2004 Taste of Snow Patyomkim
2004 Bossa Astoria (Erik Sumo rework) B.A.L.
2005 Screen Cowboys Sándor Kristóffy
2006 Sounds and Lights Fabricius
2007 Three Seasons Fall (werk video) Menzkie
2007 Wings of Love András Nagy
2009 Escape from the Earth Menzkie
2010 Prophet is a Fool (Live at Sziget Festival) E357
2011 Never the Same (Live with Fire Brass Band) Bálint Szimler & Marcell Rév
2012 Never the Same Szilvia Bolla


Year Title Film Director
2004 Taste of Snow Patyomkim
2004 Bossa Astoria B.A.L.
2004 Monuments The Bottle Opener Lady Ferenc Török
2004 Tower Fabricius
2004 Eastern Sugar Szezon Ferenc Török
2004 Blindfight CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
2006 VJ film about the Sziget Festival Fabricius
2007 Commutted Sentences CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
2007 Go To Hell CSI: New York
2009 Adrenaline and Turbulence documentary DVD
2010 They Came From... Norvegian snow board documentary Factor Films
2010 Mission London UK-Bulgarian-Hungarian feature film Dimitar Mitovski

Current band members[edit]

  • Balázs Zságer (rhodes piano, keys, electronica, programming)
  • DJ Bootsie (scratch)
  • Tibor Lázár (drums)
  • Ákos Zságer-Varga (bass)
  • György Ligeti (vocals, guitars)

  • Zsófia Hutvágner (Lyrics)

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