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Žakanje is located in Croatia
Location of Žakanje in Croatia
Image of Žakanje municipality within Karlovac County

Žakanje is a municipality in Karlovac County, Croatia. There are 1,889 inhabitants, 97.5% of which are Croats (2011 census).[1]

Zakanje is surrounded by rolling hills, farms, orchards and vineyards. Over the last 50 years the community has expanded significantly. The town center contains a school, several restaurants, a grocery store, bank, post-office, pharmacy and a walk-in medical clinic. There are also a number of small general stores and other small businesses.

The Roman Catholic Church sits on the highest point of the village about 1 kilometer from the center. The church was built in 1896,[2] and contains many paintings. The main road connects to Karlovac, and Metlika, Slovenia.

The oldest local surnames are Bahoric and Zdencaj.

Juraj Križanić, a Croatian missionary, was born near Žakanje.


Coordinates: 45°36′00″N 15°20′24″E / 45.60000°N 15.34000°E / 45.60000; 15.34000