Žalgiris Stadium

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Žalgiris Stadium
Full name Žalgiris Stadium
Location Vilnius, Lithuania
Coordinates 54°41′36″N 25°17′25″E / 54.69333°N 25.29028°E / 54.69333; 25.29028Coordinates: 54°41′36″N 25°17′25″E / 54.69333°N 25.29028°E / 54.69333; 25.29028
Owner Hanner
Capacity 15,029
Opened 1951
Renovated 1949–1950
Closed 2011
Demolished 2016

Žalgiris Stadium (Lithuanian: Žalgirio stadionas) was a multi-purpose stadium in Žirmūnai elderate of Vilnius, Lithuania. The stadium holds 15,029 and was being used by the first division 1 Lyga - REO Vilnius. It was the largest football stadium in Lithuania.

It is named after the Battle of Grunwald and was rebuilt by the German POWs after World War II and finished in 1950 (the stadium existed already before World War II and was used by Pogoń Wilno; in 1936 the Polish athletics championships were held at the stadium).

After independence it was used by the Lithuania national football team, but in recent years it lost its meaning as the national stadium and all the international football matches were played either at S.Dariaus ir S.Girėno Stadium in Kaunas or at the newer LFF Stadium also in Vilnius.

In 2015, the stadium was sold to Lithuanian real estate company Hanner who planned to demolish it and make way for apartments, hotel and offices.[1]

The demolition of Žalgiris stadium was started on July 5, 2016.[2][3]


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