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Not to be confused with Zheleznik (disambiguation).
Beograd-Zheleznik with Montavar machinery plant IMG 0790.jpg
Country  Serbia
District City of Belgrade
City Belgrade
Municipality Čukarica
Population (2002)
 • Total 20,851

Železnik (Serbian Cyrillic: Железник, pronounced [ʒě̞le̞zniːk]), is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Belgrade's municipality of Čukarica.


Železnik is located in the central part of the Čukarica municipality, 10 kilometres (6 miles) southwest from downtown Belgrade. It borders Makiš to the north, and apart from a narrow strip of urbanized land alongside the Belgrade-Bar railway and Vodovodska Street towards Žarkovo in the northeast, it has no urban connection to other parts of Belgrade.

Several streams flow through the neighborhood, the creeks of Krušik and Krušički potok and a small river of Čitačka reka.

The Ibarska magistrala and the A1 motorway both pass nearby Železnik.

History and population[edit]

Železnik village was founded in the 17th century. Construction of the modern settlement began in 1947, as a worker's settlement for the employees of the newly constructed Ivo Lola Ribar factory. Soon, plans were made for a completely new settlement, a major and heavily industrialized suburb of Belgrade (Železnik, Serbian for Iron City), with a population of 80.000, but that goal is not achieved. Formerly a separate municipality, it was a separate town until 1971, when was administratively annexed to the Belgrade City proper. Population of Železnik:

  • 1921 - 1,987
  • 1961 - 10,727
  • 1971 - 16,912
  • 1981 - 19,731
  • 2002 - 20,851

Stari Železnik[edit]

Stari Železnik (Serbian for Old Železnik) is the oldest part of Železnik. It is located in the northwestern part of the neighborhood, south of the old cemetery. In 1981 Stari Železnik had a population of 6,766, which was almost 35% of the entire neighborhood's population. The neighborhood is connected with line 55 (Zvezdara /Local market/ - Stari Železnik).

Novi Železnik[edit]

Novi Železnik is a completely new settlement, constructed in west of the Ivo Lola Ribar factory, in the northwestern corner of the settlement. It stretches from the grade separating junction of Ivo Lola Ribar Street on the west, to the stadium of the FC Železnik on the east. Unlike the village, it has straight streets, a clinic, post office, shopping mall, gas station, green market, etc. The neighborhood is connected with lines 58 (Pančevački most /Railway station/ - Novi Železnik) and 88 (Zemun /Quay of liberation/ - Novi Železnik).


The major facility in the neighborhood is the Ivo Lola Ribar factory, specialized in production of heavy machines and machine tools. Accordingly, a machinery and metallurgy high school is located in the neighborhood as well.

Železnik has a train station, and the railway passes on the western outskirts of the neighborhood. Also, a large train station and a marshalling yard is located in the nearby neighborhood of Makiš.


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