Žemaitija National Park

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Žemaitija National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Lithuania Plateliai lake.jpg
Plateliai lake
Coordinates56°02′38″N 21°53′20″E / 56.044°N 21.889°E / 56.044; 21.889Coordinates: 56°02′38″N 21°53′20″E / 56.044°N 21.889°E / 56.044; 21.889
Area217.20 km2 (83.86 sq mi)

Samogitia National Park or Žemaitija National Park is a national park in Lithuania. It is situated on the Samogitian Highlands, 45 km from the Baltic Sea. Lakes cover more than 7% of its territory. Lake Plateliai (12.05 km², 47 m depth) is the largest lake. The town of Plateliai, situated on the shore of the lake, is the seat of the park's administration and a popular tourist destination.

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