Žofín Palace

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Žofín Palace
Palác Žofín
Praha, Nové Město, palác Žofín (2).jpg
General information
Architectural style Neo-Renaissance
Location Slavonic Island
Town or city Prague
Country Czech Republic
Coordinates 50°4′44″N 14°24′46″E / 50.07889°N 14.41278°E / 50.07889; 14.41278Coordinates: 50°4′44″N 14°24′46″E / 50.07889°N 14.41278°E / 50.07889; 14.41278
Opened 1837
Renovated 1884

Žofín Palace is a Neo-Renaissance building in Prague, in the Czech Republic. It is a cultural centre, a venue for concerts, balls, conferences and exhibitions.

It is situated on Slovanský Ostrov (Slavonic Island, or Slavic Island), an island in the river Vltava in Nové Město (New Town) in the city.


The island in the river Vltava was formed in the 18th century. Damaged by floods in 1784, it was protected with a wall and planted with trees. In 1830, the island, then known as Barvířský Ostrov (Dyer's Island), was bought by Václav Novotný, a miller. He created a Neo-Renaissance building here in 1836–1837; it was named after Princess Sophie (Žofie in Czech), mother of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I. The single-storey building had a concert hall and social hall, and was opened in 1837 with a ball.[1][2][3][4]

The Prague Slavic Congress was held here in 1848. In 1925, to commemorate the event, the island was renamed Slovanský Ostrov.[1][4]

In 1884 the City of Prague bought the island, including the palace which was rebuilt as a two-storey building. The exterior and interior were renovated in 1991–1994.[1][2]

Musical performances[edit]

Žofín Palace, on Slavonic Island on the Vltava

Antonín Dvořák held his first concert here in 1878. Berlioz, Liszt, Tchaikovsky and Wagner appeared in concerts in the palace. Má vlast, a set of six symphonic poems by Bedřich Smetana, was first performed in its entirety in Žofín Palace on 5 November 1882.[1][2]


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