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Prince Șerban Constantin Cantacuzino (Romanian pronunciation: [ʃerˈban konstanˈtin kantakuziˈno]; 4 February 1941 – 4 July 2011) was a Romanian prince and actor, who appeared in more than a dozen television, film and musical roles during his career.[1][2] He was a descendant of Şerban Cantacuzino, the Prince of Wallachia from 1678 to 1688.

Born into Romanian nobility,[1][2] Cantacuzino was a descendant of Șerban Cantacuzino, the Prince of Wallachia who opposed the Ottoman Empire at the Battle of Vienna, published the Cantacuzino Bible and introduced corn to present-day Romania.[2] His father, Ion Cantacuzino, was a screenwriter, doctor, film critic, film director and producer.[1]

Cantacuzino made his stage acting debut when he was 11 years old at the Bucharest National Theatre in the production, The Prince and the Beggar, opposite his grandmother, actress Maria Filotti.[1] He starred in Richard III as Prince Edward at the Army Theater in Constanța, Romania, in 1963.[1] Cantacuzino co-starred with George Vraca in Richard III.[1]

Cantacuzino moved to Paris, France, in 1990.[2] He died in Paris on 4 July 2011, at the age of 70.[1] His funeral was held at the Bellu Orthodox cemetery in Bucharest, Romania.[1]


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