Șureanu Mountains

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highest peak in the Şurianu Mountains, Vârfu lui Pătru

The Şurianu Mountains, (regional Şureanu), Suriano in Italian, belong to Romania's Parâng range in the Southern Carpathians, with peaks frequently exceeding 2,000 metres.

The mountains, located north of Romania's Jiu Valley, are primarily characterized as a highland with meadows and pastures, with very large forested area throughout the surrounding 1,200-1,400 metres high mountains. In the southern area of these mountains there is a limestone region with several caves, hills and gorges. Examples of these are the Cioclovina, Tecuri, Sura Mare caves.

Coordinates: 45°41′30″N 23°17′30″E / 45.69167°N 23.29167°E / 45.69167; 23.29167