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Location of Țaga
Location of Țaga
Coordinates: 46°56′44.52″N 24°3′33.84″E / 46.9457000°N 24.0594000°E / 46.9457000; 24.0594000Coordinates: 46°56′44.52″N 24°3′33.84″E / 46.9457000°N 24.0594000°E / 46.9457000; 24.0594000
Country Romania
County Cluj County
Component villages Năsal, Sântioana, Sântejude, Sântejude-Vale, Țaga
 • Mayor Romulus Mârza (since 2004)
Population (2002)
 • Total 2,057
Website Website (in Romanian)

Țaga (Hungarian: Cege; German: Zegen) is a commune in Cluj County, Romania. It is composed of five villages: Năsal (Noszoly), Sântejude (Vasasszentegyed), Sântejude-Vale (Vasasszentegyedi völgy), Sântioana (Vasasszentiván) and Țaga.


According to the census from 2002 there was a total population of 2,162 people living in this commune. Of this population, 91.67% are ethnic Romanians, 6.15% are ethnic Hungarians and 2.12% ethnic Romani.[1]


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