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Ƞ ƞ

N with long right leg (majuscule: Ƞ, minuscule: ƞ) is an obsolete letter of the Latin alphabet.

Ƞ was used to represent the nasalization of vowel in Lakota[1] in that language's 1982 orthography.[2] Later Lakota orthography replaced the letter with ŋ[3] a more common letter that represents a velar nasal sound in many languages. Ƞ is also not to be confused with ɳ, used in IPA for a retroflex nasal. Its lowercase form is also very similar to the lowercase Greek letter eta (η), which was used in print when no better glyph was available. In IPA the symbol /ƞ/ was used to transcribe a syllabic alveolar nasal from 1951 to 1976 but it is now transcribed with /n̩/.

It is encoded in Unicode as U+0220 Ƞ latin capital letter n with long right leg and U+019E ƞ latin small letter n with long right leg.


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