Bacillus phage phi29

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Bacillus phage phi29
Virus classification
Group: Group I (dsDNA)
Order: Caudovirales
Family: Podoviridae
Subfamily: Picovirinae
Genus: Phi29likevirus
Species: Bacillus phage phi29

Bacillus phage phi29 (Φ29 phage) belongs to a family of related Bacteriophages which includes, in addition to Φ29, phages PZA, Φ15, BS32, B103, M2Y (M2), Nf and GA-1.[1][2] These phages, which form part of the Podoviridae family, are the smallest Bacillus phages isolated to date and are among the smallest known dsDNA phages.[3]

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