National Anthem of the Altai Republic

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Алтай Республиканыҥ Гимны
English: Altai Republic Anthem
Altay Respublikanıñ Gimnı
Flag of Altai Republic.svg
The Flag of Altai Republic

Regional anthem of Altai Republic
Lyrics Arzhan Adarova
Music V. Peshnyaka
Adopted 11 September 2001
Audio sample
Алтай Республиканыҥ Гимны

The National Anthem of the Altai Republic (Altaian: Алтай Республиканыҥ Гимны, Altay Respublikanıñ Gimnı; Russian: Гимн Республики Алтай, Gimn Respubliki Altay) is the national anthem of the Altai Republic, a federal subject of Russia. It is one of the three symbols of the Altai Republic, along with the flag and coat of arms. The music was composed by V. Peshnyaka and the lyrics were written by Arzhan Adarova. It was adopted officially on September 11, 2001.

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