Murat Nasyrov

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Murat Nasyrov
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Background information
Born(1969-12-13)13 December 1969
Alma-Ata, Kazakh SSR, Soviet Union
OriginKazakhstani Uyghur
Died19 January 2007(2007-01-19) (aged 37)
Moscow, Russia
GenresPop, ethnic
Years active1991–2007

Murat Ismailovich Nasyrov (Russian: Мурат Исмаилович Насыров; Uyghur: مۇرات ناسىروۋ‎, ULY: Murat Nasirow, USY: Мурат Насироз; 13 December 1969, Alma-Ata, Kazakh SSR, Soviet Union – 19 January 2007, Moscow, Russia) was a Russian pop singer of Uyghur ethnicity.


  • Step (1995; Single)
  • The Boy Wants to go to Tambov (1997)
  • Someone Will Forgive (1997)
  • My Story (1998)
  • All This Was Not Me (2000)
  • Wake Me Up (2002)
  • Kaldim Yalguz (2004)
  • Unpublished Album (2007)
  • Remixes (2010)

Controversy surrounding death[edit]

He committed suicide by jumping from a balcony. The postmortem examination of his body did not reveal any traces of alcohol or drugs.[1]

Nasyrov's supposed suicide has been disputed. Recent reports in the Russian press have implied that he may have been the victim of foul play, as family members and friends insist that Nasyrov was not depressed and had never considered suicide before. Some suspect that he was given an LSD tablet in a glass of wine at a club and after drinking it, he experienced hallucinations and leapt off his balcony.[2]

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