Ürümqi Metro

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Ürümqi Metro
Logo of Urumqi Metro.png
Locale Ürümqi, Xinjiang, China
Transit type Rapid transit
Number of lines 1 (operational)
1 (under construction)
6 (proposed)
Number of stations 12
Website http://www.urumqimtr.com/
Began operation 8 July 2018
Operator(s) Ürümqi Rail Transit Corporation
System length 16.56 km (10.29 mi)
System map

Urumqi Metro Map Line1 2018.png

Ürümqi Metro
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese 乌鲁木齐地铁
Traditional Chinese 烏魯木齊地鐵
Uyghur name
ئۈرۈمچى مېتروسى

The Ürümqi Metro is a metro system currently in operation in Ürümqi, capital of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region in China. The Ürümqi Metro has submitted plans for 7 lines totalling 211.9 km in length with an estimated cost of 31.24 billion yuan.[1]


Line Terminals Opened Length
 1  Balou
(Saybag / Xinshi)
International Airport
Summer 2018 16.56 12

Line 1[edit]

Line 1 has been approved and is currently under construction since 20 March 2014. Line 1 connects Ürümqi Diwopu Airport through downtown Ürümqi and ending at the Southern Long Distance Bus Station (南郊客运站). It has a total length of 26.5 km and 21 stations (16 underground, 5 elevated).[2] Line 1 was originally planned to open by the end of 2016[3] but projections have since been pushed back to the end of 2018,[4] and then to 2019.[5] However, the projection opening date was revised again and set to be operational in sometime during the summer of 2018.[6]

Line under construction[edit]

Line 2[edit]

Line 2 is being planned to connect Ürümqi's High Speed railway station with the urban centre. Line 2 will have 15 elevated stations, a total length of 21.4 km and is planned to open in 2019.[citation needed]

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