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is one of the Devanagari consonants. Its sound in IPA is /ʂ/. This word does not exist in Perso-Arabic alphabets, Pashto alphabets, etc., but many people use the Arabic letter Sin(س) with four dots above (ݜ) to represent the Devanagari letter ष.[1]


This letter is not used mostly in Hindi-Urdu, but it is used in Sanskrit. In Urdu or Perso-Arabic script, there is no consonant to represent this letter, but many people use the Arabic consonant Sin with four dots above (ݜ).

  • Devanagari alphabet: ऋषी एक नइ भाषा सीख रहा हे
  • Arabic Alphabet: ریݜی ایک نئی بھاݜا سیکھ رہا ہے
  • Latin Alphabet: Rishi Ek Nayi Bhasha seekh raha hai

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