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Not to be confused with At sign (@).
"Circle-A" redirects here. For A overscribed on a circle, see the anarchy symbol.
The circle-A, commonly used as a symbol for anarchism.

Enclosed A or circled Latin A (, ) is a typographical symbol. It is an "A" within a circle, and it occurs alongside many other enclosed alphanumerics.



The symbol is a recognizable icon used by many people who identify or sympathize with anarchism. Despite the history of militaristic use, by the dawn of the 21st century the enclosed A has largely supplanted the traditional Black Flag as the most-used anarchist symbol. Peter Marshall an author, philosopher and BBC television producer wrote that it represented the idea (as advanced by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon and other anarchist theorists) that "Anarchy is Order"; early incarnations of the anarchist icon were expressed with an unenclosed A (Anarchy) superimposed over the O (Order) before evolving into the more formal form used modernly.[1]

United States military[edit]

An A within a circle was adopted as a symbol by the United States Third Army (now the United States Army Central) in the early 20th century.[citation needed]


The symbols are encoded in Unicode at

  • U+24B6 CIRCLED LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A (HTML Ⓐ · UTF-8 encoding: e2 92 b6)
  • U+24D0 CIRCLED LATIN small LETTER A (HTML ⓐ · UTF-8 encoding: e2 93 90).

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