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In typography, a star glyph may have four or more points.

Four points[edit]

Name Character Code point
black four-pointed star U+2726
white four-pointed star U+2727
sparkles (emoji) U+2728

Five points[edit]

Name Character Code point
Arabic star (5, 6 or 8 points) ٭ U+066D
star equals U+225B
star operator U+22C6
APL functional symbol circle star U+235F
APL functional symbol star diaeresis U+2363
black star U+2605
white star U+2606
star and crescent U+262A
outlined white star U+269D
pentagram U+26E4
right-handed interlaced pentagram U+26E5
left-handed interlaced pentagram U+26E6
inverted pentagram U+26E7
stress outlined white star U+2729
circled white star U+272A
open center black star U+272B
black center white star U+272C
outlined black star U+272D
heavy outlined black star U+272E
pinwheel star U+272F
shadowed white star U+2730
white medium star U+2B50
black small star U+2B51
white small star U+2B52
glowing star 🌟 U+1F31F
shooting star 🌠 U+1F320

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Six points[edit]

Name Character Code point
star of David U+2721
six-pointed black star U+2736

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Seven points[edit]

Eight points[edit]

Name Character Code point
flower punctuation mark U+2055
eight-pointed black star U+2734
eight-pointed pinwheel star U+2735
eight-pointed rectilinear black star U+2737
heavy eight-pointed rectilinear black star U+2738
circled open center eight-pointed star U+2742
eight-pointed cuneiform star 𒀭/Cuneiform sumer dingir.svg U+1202D

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Twelve points[edit]

Name Character Code point
twelve-pointed black star U+2739

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