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This article is about the Chinese radical. For the German eszett, see ß. For the Greek letter beta, see β.

is a character used in Kangxi writing which serves as the combining form of two distinct radicals, distinguished by whether it is on the left or right of a character. It is the combining form of Radical 170, , when used on the left of a character, as in , and of Radical 163, , when used on the right of a character, as in .

In Unicode ⻖ (U+2ED6) is listed as CJK RADICAL MOUND TWO[1] (meaning 阜 - left) and ⻏ (U+2ECF) is listed as CJK RADICAL CITY[2] (meaning 邑 - right). Most, but not all,[3] fonts render them as almost identical. Perhaps for this reason 阝 (U+961D), listed as CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH-961D,[4] is usually used to represent both.