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Álvaro Herrameliz (fl. 920–931), was a Spanish noble and the count of Lantarón and of Álava in the region that today would be considered the Basque Country in northern Spain.


Álvaro served as count of Álava from around 921 until his death in 931, probably the victim of the dynastic struggle between Alfonso IV and his brother Ramiro II.[1] He participated in the conquest of Nájera and Viguera alongside king Ordoño II of León. He also confirmed the foundation of the monastery at Santa Coloma, La Rioja in 923.

The towns of Herramélluri and Herramel are named for Álvaro Herrameliz' family.

Marriage and Descendants[edit]

He married Sancha Sánchez of Pamplona the widow of Ordoño II of León. After the death of Álvaro, she would later remarry with Fernán González of Castile. Two sons of this marriage have been documented:

  • Herramel Álvarez, who went on to found the town of Villarramiel.
  • Fortún Álvarez, who appears in several charters in the monastery of Sahagún confirming documents with his brother and other Basque-Navarrese magnates in the court of Ramiro II of León.

Álvaro was most likely the grandfather of his namesake who appears often in contemporary sources as the alférez of king Alfonso V.[2]

Preceded by
Fernando Díaz
Count of Lantarón y Cerezo
Succeeded by
Fernán González of Castile
Preceded by
Munio Velaz
Count of Álava
Succeeded by
Fernán González of Castile


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