Çevik Kuvvet

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Çevik Kuvvet
Police action during protests in Ankara. Events of June 7-8, 2013-6.jpg
TOMA water cannon, Ankara, 2013
Active established 1982
Country Turkey
Type Law Enforcement, Riot control
Role Law Enforcement
Engagements 2013 Turkish protests

The Çevik Kuvvet (English: Agile Force or Rapid Response Force) is the full-time riot squad of the General Directorate of Security (Turkish National Police). It was established in 1982, replacing the Toplum Polisi.[1]

Çevik Kuvvet Logo (Turkish Police)

Equipment includes TOMA water cannon vehicles, Otokar Akrep "scorpion" APCs[2] and the FN 303 "less lethal" weapon.[3]


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