Édouard Frank

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Édouard Frank
Prime Minister of the Central African Republic
In office
15 March 1991 – 4 December 1992
President André Kolingba
Preceded by Post abolished
(previously held by Simon Narcisse Bozanga)
Succeeded by Timothée Malendoma
Personal details
Born 1938 (age 76–77)

Édouard Frank (born 1938) is a Central African magistrate and political figure. He was Prime Minister of the Central African Republic from 15 March 1991 to 4 December 1992.

Frank presided over the 1986–1987 trial of former Emperor Jean-Bédel Bokassa.[1][2] This was described in the press as "the first time in the history of post-colonial Africa that a former chief of state was put on public trial with full guarantees for his defense". Bokassa was sentenced to death at the end of the trial in June 1987.[2] (The sentence was later reduced to life imprisonment, and Bokassa was released in 1993.[3]) Later, Frank was Cabinet Secretary as of 1989.[4]

Frank was appointed as Legal Adviser at the Presidency of the Republic on 6 January 2006. He was dismissed from that post in July 2007.[5]


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Preceded by
post abolished
Prime Minister of the Central African Republic
Succeeded by
Timothée Malendoma