Île Saint-Germain

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Île Saint-Germain
Pont de Billancourt 001.JPG
The Île Saint-Germain to the right
Coordinates 48°49′20″N 2°14′47″E / 48.8222°N 2.2463°E / 48.8222; 2.2463Coordinates: 48°49′20″N 2°14′47″E / 48.8222°N 2.2463°E / 48.8222; 2.2463
Adjacent bodies of water Seine

Île Saint-Germain is an island located in the Seine in Issy-les-Moulineaux in the département of Hauts-de-Seine near Paris, France. It once housed a military camp that was later abandoned, but the island was redeveloped in 1980. The island is divided into two parts. The developed side includes offices and a residential area. The other side includes a park that has been commemorated by the Tour aux Figures (Tower of Figures) [1] painting by Jean Dubuffet. The Île Seguin is downstream.