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Map of Azerbaijan showing Sharur rayon

Sharur (Azerbaijani: Şərur) is an rayon of Azerbaijan in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.


During ancient times, Sharur was a district in the Ayrarat province of the Kingdom of Armenia.[1] The lands in the district belonged to the Armenian kings until the fifth century AD. When King Smbat I Bagratuni wrested control of the region from the Arabs, he awarded the lands to the Armenian princes of Syunik'.[1] It was conquered by Turkic tribes and later the Mongols in later centuries.

Sharur formed part of the territory of the Nakhichevan Khanate until its abolition in 1828. In the Russian Empire it was made a part of the Armenian Oblast. After the oblast was abolished, it became a part of Sharur-Daralagez uyezd of the Erivan Governorate. The rayon was known as Bash-Norashen[2] or Norashen from 1930 to 1966,[3] and from 1966 to 1990 as Ilyich (after Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

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