Škoda 19 T

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Škoda 19 T
Skoda 19T 3101.jpg
Manufacturer Škoda Transportation
Designer Porsche Design Group
Assembly Plzeň, Czech Republic
Constructed 2010–2011
Number built 31
Predecessor Škoda 16 T
Successor Škoda 26 T
Articulations 4 (5 body sections)
Length 30,250 mm (1,191 in)
Width 2,460 mm (97 in)
Height 3,400 mm (130 in)
Weight 37.4 t (36.8 long tons; 41.2 short tons)
Passenger capacity seats 51
Passenger capacity standing 241
Maximum speed 70 km/h (43 mph)
Doors 12
Low-floor 65%
Floor height 350 mm (13.78 in)/780 mm (30.71 in)
Engine power 380 kW (510 hp)
(4 × 95 kW or 127 hp)
Steep gradient (?)
Bogies 3 x fixed
Minimum turning radius 25 m (82 ft)/20 m (66 ft)
Gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

The Škoda 19 T is a five carbody section low-floor bi-directional tram, developed by Škoda for Wrocław.

The tram is not going to be different from currently used Škoda 16 T trams, except for the fact that it will have two driver's cabins and doors on both sides of the tram. It will also feature more CCTV, place for bicycles and baggage in the centre section, and the seats in the end sections will be located in the driving direction, not sideways as the predecessor's. This modification is because the tram will serve on new Tramwaj Plus line, which will support bi-directional trams only. The vehicle is designed by Porsche Design Group. The low-floor area represents 65% of the entire vehicle floor.


As of 2010, there are going to be 31 trams produced and delivered Wrocław.[1]

The first vehicle was delivered in December 2010 and all of them were in Wrocław by the end of 2011.

Tramwaj Plus[edit]

The Tramwaj Plus is a special tram line project which includes the use of Škoda 19 T. The vehicles moving along the designated tracks of the line will always have the green light on intersections. The line terminates at the Euro 2012 Stadium in Wrocław.

There were stewardesses in the tram during the UEFA Euro 2012 Championships, who were instated to assist tourists and fans. There is a seat marked '"i"' designated for a stewardess in each tram.


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