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Ichinomiya Montage.jpg
Twin Arch 138Ichinomiya Tanabata Festival
Bisyu Woven fabric factoryMyōkō-ji temple
Masumida Shrine
Owari Ichinomiya
Flag of Ichinomiya
Coat of arms of Ichinomiya
Location of Ichinomiya in Aichi Prefecture
Location of Ichinomiya in Aichi Prefecture
Ichinomiya is located in Japan
Coordinates: 35°18′14″N 136°48′11″E / 35.30389°N 136.80306°E / 35.30389; 136.80306Coordinates: 35°18′14″N 136°48′11″E / 35.30389°N 136.80306°E / 35.30389; 136.80306
RegionChūbu (Tōkai)
First official recorded60 AD
City SettledSeptember 1, 1921
 • MayorMasayasu Nakano (from February 2015)
 • Total113.82 km2 (43.95 sq mi)
 (October 1, 2019)
 • Total379,654
 • Density3,300/km2 (8,600/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+9 (Japan Standard Time)
– TreeRound-Leaf Holly
– FlowerChinese bellflower
Phone number0586-28-8100
Address2-5-6 Honmachi, Ichinomiya-shi, Aichi-ken 491-8501
WebsiteOfficial website

Ichinomiya (一宮市, Ichinomiya-shi) is a city located in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The city is sometimes called Owarichinomiya to avoid confusion with other municipalities of the same name, including Ichinomiya (now part of the city of Toyokawa), Ichinomiya in Chiba Prefecture. As of 1 October 2019, the city had an estimated population of 379,654 in 161,434 households,[1] and a population density of 3,336 persons per km². The total area of the city was 113.82 square kilometres (43.95 sq mi).


Ichinomiya is situated in western Aichi Prefecture, bordered by Gifu Prefecture to the west. The Kiso River and the Gojō River both flow through the city.


The city has a climate characterized by hot and humid summers, and relatively mild winters (Köppen climate classification Cfa). The average annual temperature in Ichinomiya is 15.6 °C. The average annual rainfall is 1833 mm with September as the wettest month. The temperatures are highest on average in August, at around 28.1 °C, and lowest in January, at around 4.2 °C.[2]


Per Japanese census data,[3] the population of Ichinomiya has increased steadily over the past 70 years.

Historical population
1940 162,599—    
1950 187,706+15.4%
1960 258,126+37.5%
1970 296,141+14.7%
1980 335,465+13.3%
1990 346,972+3.4%
2000 362,726+4.5%
2010 375,621+3.6%

Neighboring municipalities[edit]

Aichi Prefecture
Gifu Prefecture

City scape[edit]



"Ichinomiya" literally means "the first shrine" of a province.

Ancient history[edit]

In case of Owari Province, this was Masumida Shrine, which dates to the Nara period and was located close to the provincial capital in what is now the city of Inazawa.

Middle Ages[edit]

Ichinomiya developed as a monzen-machi from the Heian period and was part of the holdings of Owari Domain under the Edo period Tokugawa Shogunate.

Late modern period[edit]

Meiji period[edit]

In the early Meiji period, with the establishment of the modern municipalities system on April 1, 1889, the town of Ichinomiya was created within Nakashima District

Ichinomiya was raised to city status on September 1, 1921.

Contemporary history[edit]

Modern Ichinomiya[edit]

The city annexed the neighboring villages of Haguri and Nishinari in 1940, and with an additional eight surrounding municipalities (the villages of Chiaki, Tanyo, and Kitakata, and the towns of Asai, Yamato, Akiwara, Oku and a portion of Imaise) in 1955.

On April 1, 2002, Ichinomiya was designated as a special city, with increased local autonomy.

On April 1, 2005, the city was further expanded by absorbing the city of Bisai, and the town of Kisogawa (from Haguri District) which made it the fourth largest in Aichi Prefecture, after Nagoya, Toyota, and Toyohashi.

On April 1, 2021, Ichinomiya was designated as a core city, with increased local autonomy.


Ichinomiya City hall


Ichinomiya has a mayor-council form of government with a directly elected mayor and a unicameral city legislature of 38 members.

Prefectural Assembly[edit]

The city contributes five members to the Aichi Prefectural Assembly.

House of Representatives[edit]

In terms of national politics, the city is divided between Aichi District 9 and Aichi District 10 of the lower house of the Diet of Japan.




  • Fire department
    • Ichinomiya fire department

Health care[edit]

  • Hospital
    • Ichinomiya Municipal Hospital
    • Kisogawa Municipal Hospital

Post office[edit]

  • Ichinomiya Post office
  • Bisai Post office


  • Ichinomiya City Library

External relations[edit]

Twin towns – Sister cities[edit]


Friendship cities


Disaster Alliance city


Ichinomiya Chamber of Commerce & Industory
Downtown of Ichinomiya
Ichinomiya CBD

Primary sector of the economy[edit]

Traditionally noted for textiles, Ichinomiya is now a regional commercial center with a mixed economy of manufacturing and agriculture.


Animal husbandry[edit]

Secondary sector of the economy[edit]


The Eisaku Noro Company, which produces colorful handcrafting and machine yarns for clothing, is also based here.

Tertiary sector of the economy[edit]


Kanesue has its headquarters in Ichinomiya. It moved to its current headquarters in July 1976.[5]

Shopping center

Companies headquartered in Ichinomiya[edit]




Primary and secondary education[edit]

  • Ichinomiya has 42 public elementary schools and 19 public middle schools operated by the city government, and 10 public high schools operated by the Aichi Prefectural Board of Education. The city also has one private middle school and two private high schools. The prefecture also operates two special education schools for the handicapped.


The Kilometre Zero of Ichinomiya


Conventional lines[edit]

JR logo (central).svg Central Japan Railway Company
Meitetsu logomark 2.svg Meitetsu



Japan National Route[edit]


Water taxi[edit]

Local attractions[edit]

Nekojima Site
  • Ichinomiya Castle
  • Kuroda Castle
  • Ōno_Castle
Buddhist temple
  • Houren-ji
  • Myōkō-ji
  • Sebe Saihō-ji
Shinto shrines
Archaeological sites
  • Mitsui Inariyama kofun
  • Nekojima Site
  • 138 Tower Park
  • Asano Park
  • Azaiyama Park
  • Umegae Park




Sex Name competition League Home Sponsor Since
Women Aichi Dione Women's baseball Japan Women's Baseball League Ichinomiya Stadium
Hirashima Park Baseball Playing Grounds
Aichi Dione 2010
Women Dream Citrine Softball Japan Softball League(JSL) Ichinomiya Stadium
Hirashima Park Baseball Playing Grounds
Dream Citrine 2016
Women Futsal Clube UNIAO Ladies Women's Futsal WOMEN'S F.LEAGUE Ichinomiya Komyoji Park Playing Field
UNIAO 2016
Women TOKAI NEXUS Women's baseball Women's Baseball Federation of Japan Ichinomiya Stadium
Hirashima Park Baseball Playing Grounds

Notable people from Ichinomiya[edit]


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