(5496) 1973 NA

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(5496) 1973 NA is an Apollo-type near-Earth minor planet.[1] It was discovered by Eleanor F. Helin at the Palomar Observatory in San Diego County, California, on July 4, 1973.[1] This was two days after the asteroid had passed 0.07984 AU (11,944,000 km; 7,422,000 mi) from Earth.[1] It was tracked for more than a month, but was not seen again until 1992 when it was recovered as 1992 OA by Siding Spring Observatory.[2] It is one of the first near-Earth asteroids ever discovered.[3] The asteroid is roughly 3 km in diameter.[4]

5496 (1973 NA) is expected to be related to the Quadrantids January meteor shower.[5]


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