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The symbol * is called asterisk (42 in ASCII). The symbol may also refer to:

  • "*", a song by M83
  • "*", a song by Sadist from Lego
  • A symbol for not out in cricket
  • A symbol identifying a genetic lineage as a paragroup of a specified haplogroup
  • Star (game theory), the value given to the game where both players have only the option of moving to the zero game
  • In linguistics, a symbol that prefixes a word or phrase that, in historical linguistics, is a reconstructed form for which no actual examples have been found; and in linguistics of a modern language (see: synchronic linguistics), is judged ungrammatical
  • The symbol is used to refer a reader to a footnote or endnote
    • The usage of * or "asterisk" to refer to a sports record (as in Roger Maris's 1961 home run record[1]) can mean the record is tainted due to the necessity of having an explanatory footnote/endnote.
  • The logo for the alternative rock band the Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • In telephony, the beginning of a Vertical service code

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