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For the 1981 "President Elect" computer game, see President Elect (video game).

An -elect is a political candidate who has been elected to an office but who has not yet been installed or officially taken office[1][2] These may include an incoming president,[3] senator, representative, governor and mayor.

Analogously, the term "designate" (e.g. Prime Minister-designate) is used in systems without direct elections of executive politicians, such as in parliamentary systems.


In the United States, a person elected to office at the state or federal levels, and sometimes by custom at local levels, is given the courtesy style of the Honorable (abbreviated to Hon. or Hon'ble).

In clubs and other related associations[edit]

The bylaws of some clubs and other organizations define a position of President-Elect as an alternative to a Vice President position. The members of the organization elect the President-Elect, rather than directly electing the organization's President. The President-Elect may be given limited duties, similar to a Vice-President. At the end of the term, the President-Elect is promoted to the position of President, and a new President-Elect is elected. (Some organizations extend this schema with a position of Past President.) The advantage of this schema is a clear continuity of succession, as well as the opportunity to familiarize the President-Elect with the operations of the organization before becoming President.

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