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ICANN created an experimental set of top-level internationalized domain names in October 2007 for the purpose of testing the use of Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) in the root zone and within those domains. ICANN announced that these domains would be removed from the root zone of the Domain Name System effective on 31 October 2013.[1] They no longer resolve but are still listed in the IANA Root Zone Database.[2] Each of these TLDs names encoded a word meaning "test" in the respective language.[3][4]

The zone file for each of these domains contained only one second-level name, encoding the word "example" in the respective script and language. Each example.test name resolved to a host where ICANN operated a test wiki on behalf of the corresponding user community.

IDN Test TLDs [edit]

DNS Name IDN Transliteration Language Script URL of the test site
(archived at the Wayback Machine)
xn--kgbechtv إختبار. ik͡htibār Arabic Arabic http://مثال.إختبار
xn--hgbk6aj7f53bba آزمایشی. ậzmạy̰sẖy Persian Perso-Arabic http://مثال.آزمایشی
xn--0zwm56d .测试 cèshì Chinese Simplified Chinese http://例子.测试
xn--g6w251d .測試 cèshì Chinese Traditional Chinese http://例子.測試
xn--80akhbyknj4f .испытание ispytánije Russian Cyrillic http://пример.испытание
xn--11b5bs3a9aj6g .परीक्षा parīkṣā Hindi Devanagari http://उदाहरण.परीक्षा
xn--jxalpdlp .δοκιμή dokimé Greek Greek http://παράδειγμα.δοκιμή
xn--9t4b11yi5a .테스트 teseuteu Korean Hangul http://실례.테스트
xn--deba0ad טעסט. test Yiddish Hebrew http://בײַשפּיל.טעסט
xn--zckzah .テスト tesuto Japanese Katakana[5] http://例え.テスト
xn--hlcj6aya9esc7a .பரிட்சை pariṭcai Tamil Tamil http://உதாரணம்.பரிட்சை


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