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MARNet Macedonian logo.png
TLD typeInternationalised (Cyrillic) country code top-level domain
RegistryMARnet, Macedonian Academic Research Network
Intended useEntities connected with  North Macedonia in the Cyrillic script
Actual usePopular in North Macedonia
Registered domains510[2][3] (May 2017)[1]
Registry websitemarnet.mk

.мкд (Punycode .xn--d1alf, latinized: .mkd) is the internationalized Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for North Macedonia. It is administered by The Macedonian Academic Research Network (MARnet). In November 2012, MARnet announced that the agency was planning to introduce a national Cyrillic domain. Additionally, the agency started with the process of gathering proposals from the Macedonian citizens about the form of the domain which will be applied for official registration. The call started on 19 November 2012 and ended on 3 December 2012. The Cyrillic domain needs to contain letters of the country's name.[4][5] On 3 December, MarNet has choose six proposals (.мкд, .мак, .македонија, .рмкд, .рм and .рмак). In this second phase of the process, the Macedonian citizens voted for the final Macedonian Cyrillic domain. The winning proposal was officially announced in January 2013.

This also relates to the .mk domain, which is also owned by MARnet.

Final results[edit]

In the final phase of choosing the national Cyrillic domain, there were six domains. During the voting period 2,288 votes were registered and the final results were announced on the official MARnet website.

The final results
Cyrillic domain votes %
.мкд 1,670 73
.мак 324 14
.рм 155 7
.македонија 122 5
.рмкд 10 0
.рмак 7 0

The Cyrillic domain .мкд was officially approved and registered on 20 March 2014.[6]


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