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TLD typeInternationalized country code
StatusSunrise Period
SponsorTelecommunications Regulatory Authority
Intended useEntities connected with  United Arab Emirates
Actual useGetting popular in UAE
Registered domains~200 (Oct 2010)[2]
Registration restrictionsArabic Script[3]
DocumentsdotEmarat Domain Name Policy
Dispute policiesUAE Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
DNS namexn--mgbaam7a8h
Registry Websiteعربي.امارات

The Arabic name امارات, romanized as emarat,[4] is the Internationalized country code top-level domain for the United Arab Emirates.[5] The ASCII name of this domain in the Domain Name System of the Internet is xn--mgbaam7a8h, using the Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) procedure in the translation of the Unicode representation of the script version. The domain was installed in the Domain Name System on 5 May 2010.[6]

The first second-level sub domain is عربي.امارات which is transliterated as arabi.emarat.[4]

The United Arab Emirates is also assigned the country code top-level domain .ae.

The dotEmarat Sunrise Period started from 17 October 2010 for a duration of 2 months ending on 15 December 2010.[7] This period is exclusively for all registered trademark owners to apply for a dotEmarat domain name.